Will Your Retirement House In Thailand Have Two Floors Or A Single Floor?

This is maybe the most significant factors determining the cost and time needed to construct your house in Thailand. Until recent times Thai houses were traditionally designed with the living accommodation elevated from the ground on wood or concrete columns, or ‘posts’ as the Thai refer to them. A normal Thai house may be constructed with, say, a dozen posts arranged in a three by four matrix, and this is called a “twelve post house”.

Our own house in Pakchong (Pak Chong) where we plan to retire to, Thailand, is a “sixteen post house” (4 by 4 posts) and the upper story containing the living spaces is 3 meters above ground floor level. This is considerably more difficult to construct and more expensive than a single floored house building with all the accommodation on the ground floor.

The difference between a Thai two storey house and a western one is that:-

A western house usually has the living accommodation on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the second floor. สร้างบ้าน

A Thai house has the living accommodation and the bedrooms on the second floor. The ground floor if it has any rooms at all would probably be a utility area.

The tradition of having elevated living accommodation in the Thai houses goes back hundreds of years and there are two reasons why this tradition developed:-

1) Rooms higher than ground floor level were safer from prowling animals like lions and tigers that were prevalent at the time and.

2) Much of Thailand is flat and prone to flooding. A house elevated on stilts (posts) is safe from flooding.

My husband undoubtedly wanted a post house, and I adore it, but I would have been equally happy with a single storey house. My husband is paying the price of his decision to have a traditional Thai post house in terms of additional cost and longer time to construct.

Therefore think with care if you actually must have a post house or if you can resign yourself to a one-floor construction which will be less costly and faster to construct.

Bathroom With Bathtub Or Simple Shower Only Room

This is one more choice that will shape the price and time to build your retirement house and yet again, it is a Thai compared to Western subject.

Traditional style and typical Thai houses are usually not designed with a bath tub as is the norm in a western bathroom. Actually, my husband, who is British, did not want to have a bathtub, because he doesn’t take a bath. He likes to take a shower so for this reason a straightforward shower room is all he wanted to have.

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